Lilac Pictures

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image-agincourt-beauty lilac bush

Agincourt Beauty

Dark Purple Lilacs Single flowers

Anabel lilacs


Pink lilac in bud opening to double white flowers. A very early blooming lilac bush.

lilac bush Asissippi Lilacs


A favorite early blooming lilac bush

lilac bush with orchid colored lilacs

Chinese Rothamagentis

Beautiful bright orchid colored flowers on full flowering lilac bushes.

evangeline lilac bush double pink lilacs


First lilac to bloom in our yard each spring.

Lilac bush double lavender blue pink flowers

Michael Buchner Lilac

joly lilac bush red lilacs

Charles Joly

Double dark red purple lilacs

bicolored purple white lilac bush


Purple lilac flower with a white edge. Big single florets

reticulata japanese tree lilac

Tree Lilac

Found as a single stem or bush type. Fantastic scent on a large tree.

late lilac bush pink lilacs

James MacFarlane

Late Pink Lilac Makes a very nice bush.

ludwig spaeth lilac purple lilacs

Ludwig Spaeth

Dark purple lilac bush with single florets

lilac bush pretty pink lilacs

Marie Francis

A very pretty mid season Vulgaris type pink lilac bush

bright pink lilac bush late lilacs

Miss Canada

Late bright pink lilac

double white lilacs large lilac bush

Miss Ellen Willmott

A super nice double flowering white lilac

 purple lilacs on early lilac bush


Early Purple single lilac flowers

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Choosing Lilacs
Lilac bushes for sale.
Lilac Care

Choosing Lilacs
Lilac bushes for sale.
Lilac Care

blue lilacs early vulgaris lilac bush

President Lincoln

Very nice blue with spicy scent.
Very large growing

single white lilacs hardy lilac bush


Gorgeous large single white lilac florets

semi dwarf lilac bush blue lilacs


Semi dwarf double blue lilacs

dark purple lilacs nice lilac bush

Yankee Doodle

A very dark purple mid season lilac bush with single petal flowers

pretty lilacs


Similar in color to the old fashion lilacs but a little brighter.

beauty of moscow lilacs nice lilac bush

Moskvy - Beauty of Moscow

Beautiful mauve pink in bud opening to white.

Dwarf Lilac Pictures

These dwarf cultivars all mature at less than seven feet tall.

dwarf lilacs round lilac bush

Meyeri Palibin

Makes a nice round 5' tall lilac bush.

miss kim lilacs semi dwarf lilac bush

Miss Kim

A very nice semi dwarf late lilac. Excellent fragrance.

very dwarf lilac bush pink lilacs

Microphylia Superba

Sweet smelling nice flowers

dwarf lilac bush lavender lilacs

Prairie Petite

Very slow growing to 3 feet.

dwarf lilac bush flowers pink lilacs


About 3 feet at maturity.

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