Choosing Lilacs

You know you want a Lilac bush but which one ? Choosing Lilacs takes a bit of thought. If you are thinking should I get the white or purple, sit down you have a lot more to ponder.
First let's consider where in the yard are you going to put this new shrub. A Lilac bush needs sun, a good eight hours or more of direct sun is necessary to insure abundant blooms. So look for an area in the yard that receives that much sunshine. An open area with no other competing trees is best for a large Lilac plant. A Lilac bush can get 12-15 feet tall and that wide also. Large stature Lilacs grow quickly there is no need to over plant them or to put two or more Lilac bushes together for a quicker fuller look. Plant them at least ten feet apart for specimens. A hedge could be planted a little closer together.
Now maybe you don't have a lot of space or want your Lilac bush a little closer to the house or Gazebo. No problem try choosing one of the mid sized varieties like Miss Kim, one of the Palilbins or the Chinese Rothamagentis.

There are dwarf Lilac plants that grow slowly to three to five feet. These can be planted in flower beds and even as foundation shrubs.
Is a strong fragrance a must ? Choosing a Syringa Vulgaris cultivar or a Syringa Hyancinthafolia will get you the most true Lilac scent. The later blooming Syringa Prestoni and Japanese Lilac Trees are fragrant but different than the old fashioned scented Lilac bush. The Later Lilac plants are usually in bloom time with perennial Roses.
Almost all Lilac plants need a cold rest of dormancy but there are a few California varieties that do well into the warmer zones 7 and 8. If you live in Zones 2-7 you may choose from any of 100's of Lilac plants in cultivation today.
In addition to purple, there are shades of lavender, orchid, and blue Lilacs. Yellow and pink Lilacs have become very popular and the white Lilac will always be in fashion. There are early midseason and late blooming cultivars. Choose one or two from each bloom time and you could be seeing and smelling Lilacs for about six weeks in the Spring.

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